32.  LOUIS AMMY BLANC (1810-1885)

Jeune garçon au faucon


Huile sur sa toile d’origine avec cachet d’inventaire et numéroté sur le châssis S 127.

Provenance :
Acquis directement à l’artiste par une importante famille aristocrate qui en restera propriétaire jusqu’en 1989. Il s’agit probablement des Princes Solms-Braunfels, le sujet représente très certainement l’un des jeunes princes. Les Solms-Braunfels étaient une famille s’étendant de l’Allemagne en passant par la Suisse, l’Autriche et la Bohême. La lignée masculine s’éteindra en 1989.

Dimensions : 60,3 x 50,3 cm
A Young Boy with a Falcon, oil on unlined canvas 60,3 x 50,3 cm with inventory stamp and number on the reverse of the stretcher: S 127.

Property of a distinguished noble family, bought from the artist, by descent to the previous owner until 1989. Catalogue eassay: probably commissioned by the Princes Solms-Braunfels directly from the artist. It certainly depicts one of the young princes. Solms-Braunfels was a high noble family existing in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Bohemia, which became extinct in the male line in 1989.

The Berlin-born Louis Ammy Blanc (1810-1885) was a successful portrait and genre painter in his time and is mainly known for his images of Biedermeier and the religious and romantic scenes from everyday life. Blanc started his artistic education at the end of the 1820s studying at the Berliner Akademie and some years later he changed to Düsseldorf and became a pupil of Julius Hübner. He stayed in Düsseldorf and ran a studio there.

The manner of painting of the artist is characterized by the technical perfection, the quality of distinction and detail of his depictions and the concinnity of his art. The simple and dignified portraits and the partially magical motives met the spirit of the 19th century – shaped by romanticism and Biedermeier.


16 000 – 19000 EUR

33.  RICHARD MIRANDO dit SEEN (Né en 1961)

Superman, 2009


Importante technique mixte sur toile, oeuvre originale signée et datée au verso. Certificat d’authenticité signé par l’artiste.

Provenance :
– SAS Street Art Galerie, Marseille
– Collection privée, Aix-en-Provence

Dimensions : 160 x 155 cm
Superman, 2009
Important mixed media on canvas 160 x 155 cm, original work signed and dated on the back. Certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

– SAS Street Art Gallery, Marseille
– Private collection, Aix-en-Provence, South of France

Richard “Richie” Mirando, known as Seen is an American artist born in the Bronx. He is one of the best known graffiti artists in the world and has been referred to as the Godfather of Graffiti. Seen first started to paint on the New York City Subway system in 1973. His crew, United Artists, which included Duster, Sin, and his brother Mad, painted whole cars.

During the very early 1980s Seen started producing work on canvas, shown by galleries and bought by museums and private collectors worldwide. These included not only solo exhibitions but also group shows with artists Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Dondi, Quik, Blade, and Lee Quiñones. Despite such success and constant world travel, Seen continued to paint New York City subway trains until 1989, long after increased pressure from the MTA had stopped many from doing so.

In the late 1980s Seen also undertook tattoo art, opening Tattoo Seen, a tattoo parlor which became one of the most successful studios in New York City. Seen’s more recent work includes three-dimensional sculpture, mixed media work with reclaimed or discarded materials (often found in the street), and a series of hand-painted MTA New York subway maps. He continues to exhibit worldwide and produce work with and alongside artists such as Banksy.

Focused on painting comic book heroes, he has his own clothing line that prints t-shirts with his lettering and comic hero renderings.


30 000 – 60000 EUR

34.  ARMAN FERNANDEZ (1928-2005)

Zeus Occulte, 1995


Importante sculpture en bronze à patine sombre, soudé et ouvrant à plusieurs niveaux pour se déployer. Signé sur la base, cachet de fondeur Bocquel sur la tranche de la base et numéroté 3/6.

Dimensions : 95 x 37 x 37 cm
Zeus Occulte, 1995
Important dark patina bronze sculpture, welded and deploying. Signed on the base, Bocquel foundry stamp on the edge of the base and numbered 3/6.

Dimensions: 95 x 37 x 37cm

Painter, sculptor and visual artist, he is made famous by his “accumulations” and his various representations of violins. He is one of the first to use manufactured objects directly as raw materials, which for him resemble extensions of man, with continuous growth and multiplication. Partly living in New York, he obtained dual citizenship in 1972.


30 000 – 60000 EUR

35.  ECOLE NEO-CLASSIQUE début 19ème

Royaume de Juda, Athalie chassée du temple


Dessin au crayon, plume, lavis d’encre brune et rehauts de craie.

Etude préparatoire pour un tableau d’une composition qui nous est inconnue. Signature illisible sur la marche du trône.

Réalisé probablement par un artiste en Italie vers 1820. On retrouve dans les bordures de droite et de gauche une échelle numérotée à proportion. Usures.

Il existe une autre composition d’un sujet proche, “Joas couronné Roi d’Israël” peinte par Francesco Hayez au Musée Revoltella à Trieste.

Dimensions : 57,5 x 83,5 cm
Neo-classical school, early 19th century, Kingdom of Judah, Athalie

Large drawing in pencil, pen, brown ink wash and chalk highlights on paper.

Preparatory study for a painting that is unknown to us. Illegible signature on the step of the throne. Probably made by an artist in Italy around 1820.

We find in the borders of right and left a scale numbered in proportion. Wear.

There is another composition of a close subject, “Joash crowned King of Israel” painted by Francesco Hayez at the Revoltella Museum in Trieste.

Dimensions: 57.5 x 83.5 cm.


2 000 – 3000 EUR

36.  GIUSEPPE ANTONIO PETRINI (1677-1759), attribué

Loth et ses filles


Importante huile sur toile.
Ancienne attribution à Luca Giordano.
Dimensions : 89 x 142 cm

Condition report :
Accidents, déchirures, usures, manques, toile à retendre.

Provenance :
– Galerie Fischer Luzern Suisse, 1966
– Depuis, Collection privée Aarau Suisse et Monte-Carlo acquis du précédent

Documentation :
Bordereau d’acquisition, Galerie Fischer, 3 décembre 1966
Lot and his daughters, large oil on canvas 89 x 142 cm. Old attribution to Luca Giordano. Accidents, wear, losses, canvas to be stretched.

Condition report:
Accidents, tears, wear, losses, canvas to be stretched.

– Galerie Fischer Luzern Switzerland, 1966
– Private collection Aarau and Monte-Carlo, acquired from the above

Acquisition bordereau, Galerie Fischer, December 3, 1966

Giuseppe Antonio Petrini was a painter of the late-Baroque, active mainly in Lugano, present-day Switzerland. While born in Carona in Canton Ticino and died in Lugano, both in Switzerland, Petrini belongs to the Northern Italian or Lombard heritage of baroque painting. He possibly apprenticed with Bartolomeo Guidobono after 1700. While some works can be found in Como and Bergamo, most are located in Lugano and the surrounding area. He is also listed between 1711 and 1753 as fabbriciere of the church of Madonna d’Onegro in Carona.

He often painted “portraits” of historical figures including saints, philosophers, and scientists for patrons. One of his more prominent examples is his depiction of an auster St. Peter emerging from the shadows to pinpoint some lines in the gospel. He painted another St. Peter for the parish church of Dubino. Pietro Ligari classified him among the speculative painters, since these portraits, by nature, were imagined.


3 000 – 6000 EUR


Paris, Place Gambetta, 1908


Huile sur toile marouflée sur panneau, signée et datée en bas à droite.

Dimensions : 34,4 x 48 cm
Paris, Place Gambetta, oil on canvas mounted on panel 34.4 x 48 cm. Signed and dated lower left.

Spanish painter born in Tunis, he studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Saint-Ferdinand then at the Spanish Academy in Rome where his painting “La Muerte de Churruca” is noticed. After trips to North Africa with his brother Cézar, also a painter, he represented Orientalist themes and settled in Paris.


12 000 – 16000 EUR

38.  GIOVANNI BOLDINI (1842-1931)

La Divina


Peinture à la gouache et fusain sur papier. Ancienne page de catalogue collé au dos.

Accompagné d’un document d’un notaire, en italien, daté du 15 mai 1935 attestant que cette oeuvre est originale et peinte par Boldini.

Nous remercions le Prof. Tiziano Panconi pour avoir accepté cette oeuvre sur base photographique.

Provenance :
– Atelier de l’artiste
– Succession de Luciano Zuccoli qui l’a acquis directement auprès de l’artiste.

Dimensions : 51 x 35,5 cm
Gouache and charcoal on paper 51 x 35.5 cm. Old catalog page glued on reverse.

– Artist’s studio
– Luciano Zuccoli succession, directly acquired form the artist.

Accompanied by a document from a notary, in Italian, dated May 15, 1935 attesting that this work is original and painted by Boldini.

We thank Prof. Tiziano Panconi for accepting this work based on photography.

Painter of compositions and portraits, born in Ferrara in Italy, Boldini is one of the most remarkable contemporary artists for the elegant and expressive originality of his technique. Son of an artist, he traines in Florence before settling in London where he immediately stands out as a portrait painter.

Boldini moves in Paris in 1872 where he begins an exceptional career, exhibiting regularly in Paris, London, New York and Venice. Main museums: The Louvre, National Gallery London and Australia, National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, San Francisco, Metropolitan Museum, Musée d’Orsay etc.


15 000 – 20000 EUR

39.  PAUL CESAR HELLEU (1859-1927)

Elégante au chapeau bleu


Pastel et craies de couleur sur papier signé en bas à droite. Dans un encadrement anglais 19ème siècle avec incrustations de ronce de noyer.
Dimensions : 38,5 x 29 cm
Elegant lady with blue hat, colored chalk on paper signed lower right. Inlaid burr walnut British 19th frame

Dimensions: 38.5 x 29 cm

A virtuoso draughtsman, master of drypoint, Paul-César Helleu was also a remarkable painter whose work inscribed in the Impressionist vein is little known to the general public, although during his lifetime he met with immense fame on both sides of Atlantic. Jacques Émile Blanche wrote about him in 1928: “He was the most gifted, Manet, Monet, Renoir, believed him like us…”. However, his name does not appear in any history of impressionist painting…


700 – 900 EUR


Figure in movimento, 1915


Pastel sur panneau signé du monogramme R.M.B. en bas à droite, signé et daté avec inscriptions au dos.

L’authenticité de cette œuvre a été aimablement confirmée par l’Archivio Unico pour le Catalogue des oeuvres Futuristes de Roberto Marcello Baldessari. Cette œuvre sera incluse dans le prochain catalogue raisonné de Roberto Marcello Baldessari, actuellement en préparation par Dott. Maurizio Scudiero.

Provenance :
– Collection Esterina Marchesini, Padoue.
– Collection privée, Milan.
– Acquis directement du précédent par le propriétaire actuel vers 2018.
– Bonhams, Londres, Art Moderne & Contemporain, 30 juin 2021

Dimensions : 42 x 28 cm
Figure in movimento, 1915, pastel on board 42 x 28 cm (16 1/2 x 11 in.) with the artist’s initials R·M·B lower right, signed, dated and inscribed R·M·B 1915 Venezia on the reverse.

The authenticity of this work has kindly been confirmed by the Archivio Unico per il Catalogo delle Opere Futuriste di Roberto Marcello Baldessari. This work will be included in the forthcoming Roberto Marcello Baldessari catalogue raisonné, currently being prepared by Dott. Maurizio Scudiero.

Provenance :
– Esterina Marchesini Collection, Padova.
– Private Collection, Milan.
– Acquired directly from the above by the present owner circa 2018.
– Bonhams, London, Modern & Contemporary Art, 30 Jun 2021.

Born in Innsbruck, Roberto Marcello Iras Baldessari was an Italian painter and engraver. Initially based in Venice, the artist moved to Florence in 1915 where he became associated with Futurism.


28 000 – 32000 EUR

41.  ADAM de COSTER (1586-1643), attribué

Deux hommes étudiant un document


Huile sur toile attribuée à Adam de Coster.
Pas d’encadrement.
Dimensions : 66 x 52 cm
Two Men studying a document, oil on canvas 66 x 52 cm. Unframed.

Adam de Coster was a prominent member of the Antwerp Caravaggisti. These Caravaggisti were part of an international movement of European artists who interpreted the work of Caravaggio and the followers of Caravaggio in a personal manner. He is mainly known for his genre scenes with strong chiaroscuro effects. He was called a Pictor Noctium, in english ‘Painter of Nights’ because of his preference for tenebrist scenes.


3 000 – 6000 EUR